Our production

Mega Drive company produces zinced eurocontainers and install superstructures on lorry's chassis.


Manufacturing of the stick-boom and loader cranes in the city Sergiev Posad

The production division of the company does a full cycle of works for installation of stick-boom and loader cranes (UNIC, PM, Palfinger, etc.), manufacturing of side platforms for cars of Russian and import production.


Production of Eurocontainers in the city Petushki

Separate industrial complex together with the Czech company "Meva", shall production of galvanized Eurocontainers. Containers made from sheet steel, with subsequent zinc plated by hot-dip galvanizing with a full immersion.

All stages of creating containers are in accordance with the European standard EN840, and the right of our containers can be called EUROCONTAINERS.

Also, the quality of our products is confirmed by a voluntary certification system GOST R for which there is a corresponding certificate of quality.

The important part of a successful industrial policy of the enterprise is a multi-level control over the quality of the product, each product is subjected to testing and scrutiny for compliance with operational parameters. This is a guarantee of reliability and durability of products and real to the company's guarantee commitments.


Only qualitative products!

The group of companies "Mega Drive" has at its disposal its own design Bureau, which with the help of introduced a modern system of execution of design works, ensures a thorough design of and maintenance of the manufactured products.

Reduce the labor intensity of production due to application of modern technologies allows not only to reduce the terms of manufacture of the products, but also to improve their quality. This, in turn, allows to produce products at competitive prices.

Materials and products used in the production subject to obligatory audit. For the production of the manufactured products are used only high quality materials and components. The final stage of testing - testing of vehicles assembled on the certificated specially equipped ground.

Production and design of products are certified.

The location of production complexes:

Today the company has two large production complexes for production of eurocontainers and installation of special auto-equipment:

  1. In city of Sergiev-Posad Moscow region.
  2. In city of Petushki The Vladimir region.